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Hummus Joonam - Beet (Passover)

Product Detail

Sure to make a beet-lover out of anyone! Sweet organic beets, coupled with our imported tahini and rich chickpeas, gives a taste explosion of epic proportions and brightly fresh ?avor pro?le.

Hummus Joonam - Original (Passover)

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Our family’s original recipe that has been a Tel Aviv favorite since 1965. Pure and simple using only the best ingredients to heighten the naturally rich chickpea and sesame ?avors.

Hummus Joonam - Truffle Honey (Passover)

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Made for all tru?e a?cianados and newcomers alike, this decadent hummus blends local tru?e honey with our original hummus. The result is the perfect marriage of sweetness and earthy, tru?e essence.

Hummus Joonam - Za'atar (Passover)

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We took our signature original hummus and mixed it with za’atar, a bold Middle Eastern spice mix with a deep, toasted herb ?avor to create this uniquely savory variety.