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Chicken Spinach Burgers

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A savory blend of only the most pristine cuts of chicken, is what's used in this blend. Hearty spinach is added to complete what is often imitated but never duplicated.

Chicken Veggie Burgers

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We narrowed it down to a science! With Fresh Ground Chicken, and Diced Vegetables, we introduce the Handcrafted Chicken Veggie Burger.

Chilli Lime Chicken Burgers

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A scrumptious mix of hand picked cuts of poultry is featured in this blend. Enhanced by keynotes of chili and lime makes this creation absolutely succulent and mouth watering.

Jalapeño Chicken Burgers

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Its time to start embracing a little heat in the kitchen- for those who joined us on our burger journey a few years back, we come to introduce the Chicken Jalapeño Burger. With plump green chilies, and fresh white ground chicken, this is sure to bring a smile every weekday, or weekend

Lemon Chicken Burgers

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An explosion of flavor is this blends best description. Lemon shavings evoke this pristine blend of white and dark meat chicken into a mouth watering experience.

Thai Chicken Burgers

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Essentially a marriage of century old eastern and western influences come alive in this aromatic yet bold component, with three to four fundamental tastes leaving its eater in a complete state of shock