Branching Out from Sepharad by Sarina Roffe (Not Applicable)


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Published by the Sephardic Heritage Project (January 1, 2017) With the Foreword written by Dr. Walter Zenner A’H, Branching Out From Sepharad outlines the history of Jews in Spain, the 1492 Expulsion, the history of Jews in Syria, and follows them to the Americas. Roffé writes the 100-year history of Brooklyn’s Syrian Jewish Community, discussing the sociological impact of careers, philanthropy, traditions, and educational beliefs as they changed over a century. Branching Out from Sepharad has a complete biography of Rabbi Jacob S. Kassin A’H, Chief Rabbi of the Brooklyn Community for more than half a century, tracing the family from 12th Century France to Spain to Aleppo to Jerusalem to the Americas & includes many documents outlining his life work & accomplishments. Chapters include research on the term Sephardic Jew, Genealogy in the Torah, & Sephardic Naming Practices. A full family genealogy is included for the Kassin, Labaton and Hedaya families. An internationally recognized expert on Sephardic genealogy and history, Sarina Roffé is the author of Backyard Kitchen: The Main Course, Backyard Kitchen: Mediterranean Salads, and the cooking app, Sarina’s Sephardic Cuisine. Editor of the award-winning journal Dorot, Sarina holds a BA in Journalism, and MA in Jewish Studies and an MBA. Sarina is President of the Sephardic Heritage Project, Co-Chair of the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative and Chair of the Sephardic Research Division of JewishGen.