Profiles in Leadership By Rabbi Sam Kassin (Not Applicable)


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In Profiles in Leadership, Rabbi Sam Kassin is the student, learning from those around him. But he is also the leader, developing new ideas and programs that were innovative and unique. In his book, we see the rebellious teenager, young groom, yeshiva student, teacher and problem solver. Readers see how Rabbi Kassin interacts with world leaders. More than anything, readers see inside the mind of Rabbi Kassin, how he is 1000 percent committed to helping the Jewish people and the leadership skills he uses to get things accomplished. Readers see the lovable yet practical nature of the founder of the now famous rabbinical school known as Shehebar Sephardic Center, how he faced overwhelmingly impossible tasks yet succeeded in accomplishing his goals and how others perceive him in their own words. Rabbi Kassin recounts his journey from his childhood in Miami to Brooklyn and finally to Israel. A Must Read!