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Kashrut Details by Vendor

# Vendor Kashrut
1) Ala Carina Rabbi Babad, parve
2) Bassouls Gourmet Kitchen Kehilah Kashrus (Flatbush Community Kashrus Organization),CRC Kosher, all meat salomon bet yosef, all Bisul Yisrael Bet Yosef Lechumrah
3) Batzek Dough Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union
4) Ben's Best Charcuterie OU Glatt
5) Bone Suckin' Sauce Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union
6) Books N/A
7) Bread & Batter Under strict supervision of Star-K
8) Candy Cakes by Ruthie Manopla Kosher, Dipped
9) Candy Man All Products Certified Kosher.
10) Carbone Certified Kosher by the OU
11) Challah by Elaine Mansour Kosher, Parve, Dipped, Yashan by request,
12) Challi N' Biscotti by Emily Massry Under strict supervision homekosher.org Kosher, Parve, Dipped Utensils,yashan,chalav yisrael,bet yosef
13) Cheese With A Twist by Kim Haber Kosher, Dipped, under hashgacha of Rabbi Choai
14) Chosen Foods Certified Kosher by the OU
15) Cipriani Foods
16) Crack'N Up Crackers Certified Kosher by JSOR
17) Don Pepino Certified Kosher by the Star K
18) Eileen's Treats J.S.O.R.
19) Fine Catering by Bella Betesh JSOR
20) Flowers by Betty Esses N/A
21) Freddie's Grill Glatt Kosher - Bet Yosef
22) Gold's Certified Kosher by the OU
23) Gourmet String Cheese by Jane Under Hashgacha of Homekosher.org, A division of JSOR , All cheese is Chalav Yisrael
24) Grandma Sallie's Kaak & More Kosher, Dipped, Parve - Under Supervision of Tartikov
25) Grandma's Cheese OK Kosher
26) Healthy Whatever Home Kosher
27) Holon Foods Kosher, parve, bet yosef, chalav yisrael.
28) Homemade by MJ Certified by JSOR Home Kosher
29) Jack's Beef Shack Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yechiel Babad. All Meat is SBD Beit Yosef
30) Knafe Queen Kosher, Home kosher By JSOR
31) KosherValet See Individual Product Details
32) La Charcuterie Under the supervision of Rabbi David Navarro
33) Lite Bites by Jacquelyn Certified Kosher by Rabbi Tartakov
34) Mary Dairy Kosher, Dipped
35) Mazza & More Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yechiel Babad. All Meat is SBD Beit Yosef Kemach Yoshon, Bishul Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, Dairy is Cholov Yisroel
36) Mazza by Marlene Certified Kosher by the JSOR
37) Mazza by Stephanie Esses Supervision: Meat and Parve Rabbi Yechiel Babad
38) Merlyne's Cuisine Rabbi David Choai
39) Mina - Flavors of Morocco Certified Kosher by the OU
40) Mini Melanie All Products Dairy. Certified Kosher by National Kosher Supervision.
41) MOJO Corp
42) Nahum Bakery Star K
43) Nic's Desserts Certified by JSOR Home Kosher
44) Nicole's Kitchen JSOR
45) No Muffin Top Muffins Kosher, Dipped, Parve
46) Proyo Probiotic Yogurt Kosher, Dipped, Under the supervision of Rabbi Choi
47) Raaka Chocolate Certified Kosher by Natural Food Certifiers
48) Real Oot Certified by Home Kosher
49) Sabatino Tartufi Certified Kosher by the OU
50) Sally's Goods by Sally Grossman Kosher/Dipped
51) Sarah's Tent JSOR
52) Shalom Foods JSOR
53) Sheila G's Certified Kosher by the Chaf K
54) Simply Natural by Gloria Braunstein Kosher, Dipped, Parve
55) String Cheese by Gail Maslaton Kosher, Dipped.
56) Sylvia's Candy Shoppe JSOR & Star K
57) That’s So Cheesy Kosher, Dipped
58) Totally Tapenade Kosher, Dipped, Parve
59) Trader Joe's All Products Listed Are Certified Kosher
60) Twist Challa by Karen Tawil Under Supervision of JSOR
61) Veg Out Burgers by Joan Sitt Certified Kosher Parve by the Orthodox Union (OU)
62) Whole Fruits by Sabrina Benun Rabbi Navarro
63) Wholesome Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union