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Kashrut Details by Vendor

# Vendor Kashrut
1) A Brooklyn Chocolatier - NETO PARVE. CERTIFIED BY TARTIKOV - Rabbi Yechiel Babad
2) Abe's Jerky Kosher, Dipped, Meat
3) Allie's GF Goodies Certified Kosher by the OU
4) Babka & More by Stephanie Chemtob Kosher, Dipped,Parve,Yashan
5) Baked By Bibis All Ingredients Kosher, OU. Dipped. Under strict supervision of rabbi Yechiel Babad
6) Boutique Butcher Star K, Glatt Kosher, R' Meir Goldberg, Beit Yosef
7) Bread & Batter Kosher, dipped
8) Brewberry Treats Kosher/Dipped/Parve
9) Candy And Cattle
10) Challah by Elaine Mansour Kosher, Parve, Dipped, Yashan by request,
11) Curdlicious Kosher, Dipped
12) Cured Gifts Kaakers by Lesley Chera Under the supervision of Rabbi David Choia
13) David's Desserts Kosher, Parve, Dipped
14) Delicious by Alice Ok kosher, parve, yashan, vegan, organic
15) Eileen's Treats J.S.O.R.
16) Flavorful Fit Certified Kosher by the OK
17) Flowers by Betty Esses N/A
18) Focaccia Fresh Under the Supervision of Rabbi David Choai
19) Fonce's Cream N/A
20) Fruits by Pesha Under OK Kashrut
21) GlutenFree.sy Certified by Rabbi Binyomin Taub. Head of Kashrus RCBC
22) Gourmet Healthy Kaak by Sallie Mishaan Kosher, Dipped, Parve - Under Supervision of the OK
23) Gourmet Nuts Kasher Lamehadrine Under the Strict Supervision of Rabbi David Choai
24) Gourmet String Cheese by Jane Chalav Yisrael, Dipped
25) Grandma's Cheese OK Kosher
26) Healthy Creations Kosher, Parve, Dipped
27) Hello Salad Gourmet Dressings Certified Kosher by the Star-K
28) Homemade Sambousaks by L. Beyda Kosher and Dipped
29) Hummus Joonam Certified Kosher by the OK
30) JÚS Healthy Bark Certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU)
31) JUS Raw Date Bites Certified Kosher Parve by the Orthodox Union (OU)
32) Kibbe Neye by Michelle Kosher, Dipped, Parve
33) Kings Highway Glatt Under supervision of the OU & Rabbi Rachamim Churba
34) KosherValet See Individual Product Details
35) Krispie Cakes Kosher, Parve, Dipped
36) L Bros CBD Confections Kosher, Parve
37) La Cookie: Alfajores by Rachel Kosher, Dipped, Parve
38) Manie Dweck's Dressings & More Supervised by Rabbi David Choia
39) Margo's Sweets Kosher, Dipped, Parve
40) Mary Dairy Kosher, Dipped
41) Mazza & More Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yechiel Babad. All Meat is SBD Beit Yosef BYL and SBD. Kemach Yoshon, Bishul Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, Dairy is Cholov Yisroel
42) Mazza by Esther Chabot Kosher, Dipped
43) Merlyne's Cuisine Rabbi David Choai
44) Meska Sweets Kosher, OU Pareve
45) Mollie B Biscotti All ingredients Kosher, Parve, Dipped, Under supervision of Rabbi David Choai
46) Nahum Bakery Star K
47) No Muffin Top Muffins Kosher, Dipped, Parve
48) Pickled by Rebecca Maleh Certified Kosher by Rabbi David Choai
49) Sabatino Tartufi Certified Kosher by the OU
50) Sally's Sauce Certified by Rabbi David Choai
51) Sheri's Babycakes Certified Kosher by Rabbi David Choai
52) Simply Natural by Gloria Braunstein Kosher, Dipped, Parve
53) String Cheese by Gail Maslaton Kosher, Dipped.
54) Sylvia's Candy Shoppe JSOR
55) Terry's Kitchen by Terry Esses Kosher, Dipped, Parve
56) The Juice Theory Certified by the Jersey Shore Orthodox Rabbinate (JSOR)
57) Twist Challa by Karen Tawil Under Supervision of JSOR
58) Veg Out Burgers by Joan Sitt Certified Kosher Parve by the Orthodox Union (OU)
59) Whole Fruits by Sabrina Benun Rabbi Choai